Welcome to Candid Stories!

As photojournalists, our goal is to be storytellers, creating interesting series of beautiful images which tell each story. Our professional style is unobtrusive and quiet. We prefer photography which is spontaneous, candid and focuses on the art of emotion. Artistry, professionalism and experience are what drive our success. We are honored to be chosen to record some of the most important events in people’s lives.

Meet Our Team

  • Leslie Cooper

    Owner and Lead Photographer Leslie has been photographing weddings since 2001. With only the best equipment and an eye that is never still Leslie leads and directs the teams demanding standards of excellence in professionalism, service and creativity. She seeks to capture the emotion and unusual shot that hasn’t been taken yet 


    “As an Artist, I am inspired be each unique detail, always capturing the romance and beauty from start to finish of your celebration."


    "As a Woman I bring a perspective that is driven by experience and intuition that allows me to anticipate and capture expressions, laughter and reactions as they happen naturally."


    "As a Mom I realize the Tradition. I prefer not to stage my shots but wedding party and family groups are still an important part of the day so I keep them quick."


    "As a Business woman, I understand the need to listen. My main goal is to build a relationship built on Trust."


    "As a Photographer, I like to think of my approach to weddings as "storytelling". I use our candid approach to make sure this very important chapter in your lives is captured in a way that years later it will be as if you are still in that very moment.“                     Leslie Witte Cooper

  • Michelle Presta

    Michelle brings together her artistic flair and personality with her love of photography, capturing romance at its peak. She is assigned to the Bride's room and is careful to attend to any need the bride may have that day. She loves the storytelling approach and has a gift for photography and we love having her on our team. Every wedding is special to her as she not only remembers her own but dreams about the day she will be able to share that day with her own daughter. She is a romantic at heart and genuinely loves photographing Weddings.

  • Ben Cooper

    Ben’s unique approach to photographing your wedding will be informal, fun and exciting, leaving you with real life memories. His main assignment is the Groom and all that happens before and immediately after the ceremony. His personality and youth make him a natural at getting the shots that no one else sees. He brings a passion to every wedding that is uniquely his own. Ben’s ability to adapt and become part of the Grooms side of things makes for some unforgettable candid moments rarely seem in Groom/Groomsmen coverage.

  • Roger Cooper

    Owner and Natural light photographer. Roger has been shooting weddings since 1996. He is a technical expert when it comes to the professional equipment we use. He is an accomplished videographer, ceremony photographer and technical trainer to all of the Candid Stories team members.

What makes us so special

The Cooper Connection, LLC is a family of services companies that share Core Values

Candid Stories and the rest of The Cooper Connection partnerships are committed to your complete customer satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied just let us know and we will make it right.

You may have heard the saying, "no matter how good the photographer is, if there are only one, they can only be in one place at a time. That is what makes us different, that's why there are more of us! Your Candid Stories team strives to make your wedding day everything you dreamed of. While providing the most coverage possible, we capture creative shots all while getting the shots you will love. As your Wedding Photographers our focus is to take the most creative and unique photos, to freeze the emotion and moments of your special day as well as helping to make your day fun! We think of ourselves as storytellers with an ability to capture the natural beauty and romance of each wedding. Our Philosophy is simple, it's Your Wedding… it’s Your Story... It doesn't matter what we say our style of photography is, it only matters that we take the pictures you want to see. The most important wedding keepsake from that day will be each other, next will be the memories. Your TEAM of photographers, all with one common vision, will create dynamic heartfelt images while staying fresh and true to both the moment and your vision of that special day. With all the advances today there will be many impromptu photo opportunities that will happen and our job is to make sure there is a team member close enough to capture those images to help you relive all those moments. Simply stated, our job is to tell your whole story, a Candid Story of that day, a Story for you to relive forever.

We provide both Premier Wedding Day and Basic Wedding Day "packages". Our services are customized and you choose exactly what you want. Today's Bride brings a new approach to each wedding and we make sure each wedding day package is as unique and individual as she is. We do our best to stay on the cutting edge so all Premier Wedding Day packages come complete with an individual web site. The website is a full commerce site so anyone can purchase images from the wedding day without troubling the bride and groom. We are still traditional in the sense that every Premier Wedding Day package comes with a complete proof album, most photographers have eliminated this old classic but we don't agree. You don't always want to sit in front of a computer to view your images, it is nice just to sit on the couch and remember your day. Check out or pricing and call us.

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